Insider Tips on Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Not too long ago, LinkedIn was a potentially helpful job search add-on (or, at worst, yet another annoying social networking site to keep up with).

Today, it’s an essential part of a successful job search.

LinkedIn now has 200 million members, and a strong LinkedIn profile is becoming as important as a strong resume.

Here’s why: Recruiters using LinkedIn have access to a whole suite of powerful search tools that let them directly source candidates for job openings.

LinkedIn’s career expert-connection director, Nicole Williams, says:

Long gone are the days when companies posted a job on LinkedIn and then sifted through submitted resumes. Hiring managers are being proactive and looking through LinkedIn profiles to fill open positions.

The good news for you is that a strong LinkedIn profile can bring a new job right to your inbox. The challenge is making sure that each section of your LinkedIn profile is complete and effective.

Writing LinkedIn profiles is developing its own unique set of strategies and best practices. Fortunately for you, RedRocketResume is on top of it all and ready to help you transform your resume into a great profile that may have recruiters beating down your door.

To read more on how to leverage LinkedIn for a successful job search, go here.

One thought on “Insider Tips on Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

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