Dishing on Resume Secrets with Miss Corner Office

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: My favorite thing about being a resume writer is helping people live their dreams.

But my second favorite thing is connecting with business partners who love helping people live their dreams.

I recently connected with Stephanie at Miss Corner Office and immediately recognized a kindred spirit. Steph is a career strategist who specializes in helping women land dream jobs. She’s a former hiring manager who knows the inside scoop on what drives hiring decisions.

Stephanie and I conducted a great podcast on Creating a Rockin’ Resume, and it’s up now at Miss Corner Office. This interview is chock-full of big-picture career strategies and nitty-gritty resume how-tos.

Check it out and hear me reveal—

• The Golden Rule for determining what goes in a resume.
• What’s the prime real estate on a resume page and what to put in it.
• How a great LinkedIn profile is crucial to your career development and how it differs from a resume.
• How a great resume really isn’t about you.

Plus some great tips from Steph, including—

• The awkward question you should ask all your friends.
• What causes a great candidate to lose the job.

And if you’re confused about your career direction or overwhelmed by your job search, check out Steph’s coaching packages here.



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  1. […] to the full interview here, with the above anecdote around […]

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