The Hit Parade: Five Minutes to a Better Career

I’ve been planning this in my head for years, and I’m thrilled to announce that the Hit Parade has arrived!

Let me explain.

Young businesswoman in a thoughtful pose

As a resume writer, my job is to help people advance their careers by putting their accomplishments into resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

So of course, I frequently ask my clients things like—

What have been some of your wins in this role?

What are you most proud of professionally?

Can you think of some concrete successes?

And you’d be surprised how often my sharp, savvy, forward-thinking clients respond with, “Ummmm…I haven’t really thought about that.”

We’re so busy rushing from one project to the next that we often fall victim to professional amnesia.

How am I supposed to remember what I did last year? I can hardly remember what I did yesterday!

But this inability to recollect and reflect on our successes and progress leaves us ham-strung when it’s time to promote ourselves professionally.

Whether you’re pitching a new project, polishing up a LinkedIn profile, requesting a raise, or even just explaining your work to a new associate, it’s much easier to self-promote in an effective, non-cringy way when you have some solid accomplishments at the forefront of your mind.

So here’s a simple tool I’ve created to make it easy-peasy to document your career accomplishments as they happen.

I call it the Hit Parade. Here’s how it works—

  1. Click here to access the simple Hit Parade questionnaire.
  2. Spend 5 minutes jotting down some basic information about your greatest hits from the last few months.

I finished a project.

I landed two new accounts.

I finished a professional certification.

I figured out a way to finish a process faster.

I fixed a client’s problem.

I received a note of appreciation from my supervisor.

I recruited a new team member.

We’ll save your info for you. (No one else will see it and we’ll never share it, ever.)

  1. Come back and log in any time to access, change, or add to your data. Then next quarter, I’ll send you a quick reminder when it’s time to make an update.

That’s it! Over time, you’ll build a strong, specific catalog of your career accomplishments and ongoing progress.

This 5-minute process can have major reverberations throughout your career, giving you the ammunition to present your accomplishments in a clear and compelling way.

Know someone who could use their own Hit Parade? Forward them a link a share the love!


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